At Dowling Aaron Incorporated, we understand intellectual property is an important asset that needs to be diligently protected from unauthorized use. The attorneys in this practice group offer comprehensive services to help protect your inventions, technology, software, brands and company name, artistic works, and proprietary information by the strategic application of trademark, copyright, patent and trade secret laws and the use of appropriate contractual and procedural mechanisms.

Patents provide exclusive rights to inventions and designs for a limited period of time. Trademarks are words, symbols, colors, labels, and other “devices” that your company uses to identify and distinguish its products or services from competitors. Copyrights are the rights of creators in original and tangible expressions, such as music, art, writing, software code, architectural designs, graphics, photographs, video and other works of authorship. Trade secrets are valuable concepts, formulas, information, and practices that are not generally known, and which can provide you with an advantage over competitors. All of these forms of intellectual property can provide significant economic value to your business.

The attorneys in this practice group help identify valuable intellectual property and provide practical, valuable solutions tailored for each client. Some of the typical projects that arise in this context are providing patentability and freedom-to-operate opinion letters, preparing and prosecuting domestic and foreign patent applications, advising on the relative strength of trademarks, prosecuting domestic and foreign trademark applications monitoring new trademark filings to identify potentially competing trademarks, registering copyrights in works of authorship, preparing various agreements, including license, non-disclosure, development, consulting, and assignment agreements, and providing portfolio management and optimization services. We also assist in the enforcement and defense of infringement, ownership, and misappropriation claims in Federal and state courts, as well in administrative bodies such as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

In some cases, Dowling Aaron Incorporated can provide services using alternative fee arrangements, such as agreed-upon fixed prices, specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

To discuss how Dowling Aaron Incorporated can assist you, contact Marcus N. DiBuduo at the firm’s Fresno office, (559) 432-4500.