Dowling Aaron Incorporated’s Employment Law Group takes an aggressive yet practical approach in providing representation in employment and labor relations matters in all courts and before various administrative agencies. The exemplary credentials held by the Employment Law Group are well-balanced by a wealth of experience serving a diverse range of clients, from sole-proprietors to multi-national corporations.

The group’s goal is to proactively train owners, managers and supervisors in how to prevent workplace problems and help create a respectful and productive workforce. Working closely alongside the client, the group ensures constant development of up-to-date, cutting edge employment policies, including employee handbooks, policies and agreements. The group has expertise in areas like wage and hour audits and labor disputes. In addition, the group offers workplace training on harassment prevention and other human resource issues; assisting clients to minimize liability exposure. These combined with providing effective counsel on day-to-day employment issues, help in preventing costly litigation.

In situations where litigation is unavoidable, Dowling Aaron Incorporated provides experienced trial attorneys ready to effectively represent clients. The Employment Law Group regularly represents clients before the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, National Labor Relations Board, Agricultural Labor Relations Board, California State Labor Commissioner, Federal Department of Labor, and in litigation matters in state and federal courts.

The Employment Law Group has significant experience in unfair competition and trade secret matters; advising new businesses and directing principals on how to properly notify prospective customers as well as protecting the customer base and proprietary information of established businesses. Dowling Aaron Incorporated’s group also has particular expertise in union avoidance. Union organizing is anticipated to reach its highest activity in more than 30 years. The Employment Law Group can provide training and education regarding new labor laws and, specifically, the Employee Free Choice Act.