When an appeal arises, clients may assume that their existing trial attorney is best equipped to handle it, due to that attorney’s familiarity with the case. But an appeal is entirely different from the underlying trial, and the skills and experience needed in handling an appeal differ greatly from those needed in preparing for and conducting a trial. Cases must be evaluated within the unique framework of appellate rules and procedures, and with a fresh and objective perspective. Members of Dowling Aaron Incorporated’s Appeals & Writs Practice Group have extensive experience and demonstrated talent in appellate practice, making them well-equipped to handle all aspects of the appellate process.

Dowling Aaron Incorporated’s appellate attorneys offer clients a wide range of appellate assistance, including evaluating cases and issues for appeal, crafting arguments and strategies, preparing briefs, participating in oral argument, and strategic analysis of whether to pursue further review in the California or United States Supreme Courts. The group also consults in trial court proceedings, to help frame and brief important legal issues early in the litigation, preserve issues for review, prepare post-trial motions and strategies, and assist in negotiations and case settlement. The Appeals & Writs Group handles cases that have been tried by Dowling Aaron Incorporated attorneys as well as cases referred by other firms and in-house counsel.

Dowling Aaron Incorporated’s Appeals & Writs Practice Group includes Hon. Nickolas J. Dibiaso (Ret.), former justice of the California Fifth District Court of Appeal and member of the prestigious California Academy of Appellate Lawyers. Hon. Steven M. Vartabedian (Ret.), former justices of the California Fifth District Court of Appeal, a certified appellate law specialist, and a former research attorney for the Fifth District Court of Appeal. The Appeals & Writs attorneys are well acquainted with the strategies, procedural requirements, and nuances of both trial and appellate practice and have extensive experience representing clients in state and federal appellate courts.

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