Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an invaluable tool used to resolve disagreements outside of the courtroom that may otherwise require countless hours of legal work and judicial intervention. Utilizing this less-adversarial approach can frequently result in cases being resolved quickly and before parties may incur expenses associated with extensive discovery and retention of experts.

To cater to this diverse and continuously evolving practice area, Dowling Aaron Incorporated has established a practice group specifically focused on ADR. This experienced group includes three retired appellate justices, a former city attorney and several other highly experienced Dowling Aaron Incorporated attorneys. The knowledge of the ADR Group allows them to quickly pinpoint the legal issues that drive litigation, while offering a forum for resolution outside the courtroom.

In ADR, disputes are handled through mediation or arbitration. Mediation occurs when an agreement is facilitated between two parties by a mediator. This voluntary settlement is confidential and not binding until both parties agree. In arbitration, parties take their dispute to a neutral third party arbitrator, who acts as a judge and, after hearing both sides, reaches a binding decision.

Members of the ADR Group are experts dedicated to the efficient resolution of legal matters involving construction, real estate, employment law, complex litigation, legal and accounting malpractice, unfair competition, estate and trust litigation, business and accounting disputes, health care provider disputes, medical malpractice and governmental issues.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Practice Group Assistant, Kathy Olson at the firm’s Fresno office, (559) 432-4500 x 251.