New Regulations and Court Decisions Spotlight The Interactive Process

Posted by Micah Nilsson on

Determining whether an employee’s physical or mental impairment should be considered a “disability” under the law has always been challenging for employers.  Recently amended California regulations establish that employees have an increasingly light burden to demonstrate they are disabled. The regulations effectively encourage employers to spend less time figuring out if an employee is disabled […]

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New California Requirements to Accommodate Religious Dress and Grooming Practices

Posted by Jeffrey Davis on

On January 1, 2013, “The Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2012″ became law in California. As a result, California employers must implement and enforce broadened policies to protect against newly enumerated religion-based discrimination, which was expanded to include freedom of “religious dress and grooming practices.” (Gov. Code, § 12926 (p).) The term “religious dress practice” […]

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