Do You Have to Pay Employees to Be On-Call and For Sleep Time?

Posted by Daniel Klingenberger on

An on-going class action lawsuit against a security guard company seeks compensation for time the guards spent sleeping in company provided housing units and for time the guards were on-call. In the recent decision of Mendiola v. CPS Security Solutions, Inc. (2013) Cal. App. Lexis 528, a California Court of Appeal decision addressed the challenging […]

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Classifying So-Called “Multitasking” As Either Exempt or Nonexempt Time

Posted by Nathan Powell on

To properly classify a supervisor as exempt under the California executive exemption, an employer must establish that the supervisor is “primarily engaged” in duties which meet the exemption test. Generally, the key duties include management of the enterprise or a customarily recognized department or subdivision thereof; directing the work of two (2) or more other […]

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California’s Itemized Wage Statement Requirement

Posted by Mark Kruthers on

Employers in California are required to include an itemized wage statement (“pay stub”) with each paycheck provided to an employee.  Some employers create pay stubs in-house while others rely on payroll companies to generate the employer’s pay stubs.  Regardless of who creates the pay stubs, employers must be aware that California law identifies specific wage […]

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