Judge resolves long-standing Hmong New Year dispute

Posted by Daniel O. Jamison on

Fresno is home to the nation’s second largest population of Hmong immigrants and their children. Since 1999 the Hmong International New Year Foundation, Inc. has hosted an annual New Year celebration at the Fresno Fairgrounds that has attracted tens of thousands from throughout the world. For the past four years, with the help of Dowling […]

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Is medical expert opinion that minimal exposure to asbestos constituted a substantial factor contributing to the risk of developing mesothelioma in one who contracted the disease admissible?

Posted by Steven Vartabedian on

In Davis v. Honeywell International Inc. (filed 3/3/16, B256793), the admissibility of evidence going to the  burden on a plaintiff in an asbestos-related cancer case to prove legal cause, as was addressed by the California Supreme Court in Rutherford v. Owen-Illinois, Inc.(1997) 16 Ca.4th 953, is clarified in light of the trial court’s “gatekeeper” role […]

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